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Product Overview


Create, Collaborate, Share

  • Fully supports IATA Cargo-IMP and Cargo-XML messaging
  • True collaboration for the logistics supply chain
  • Streamlined communication with targeted audiences
  • Cost-effective, affordable and accessible to all
  • Readily available on all mobile devices
  • User friendly, innovative ability to manage proof of condition
  • Full offline capabilities
  • Available in your appstore


Snap, Tag, Share

  • Most advanced visual proof of condition application available
  • Makes tracking and reporting by location easy
  • Create predefined condition tags
  • Smart tagging allows customizable tags
  • Specify the severity of damage and condition
  • Manage claims effectively
  • Simple and intuitive

Solution Overview
Registration and Login

Register and login using existing personal industry standard authentication methods


Allows you to customize the look and feel of the application to define your company brand


Message and share information and documents with your contacts and stay connected using your phones internet connection

Take photos

When a user snaps a photo, CargoFeeds will store user information, current location, date and time the photo is taken. Take multiple photos, each with its own tag and description. This data makes tracking and reporting by locations in a reference easy

Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to search by a variety of criteria. Whether you choose the date, location, reference number, shipment information or condition tag, searching is also possible using the custom tags created by you

Custom tags

Use the tag manager to create custom tags by event, account, transportation mode, customer or any other information pertinent to you. These tags provide useful data for searching and for reporting and enhanced visibility

Condition tags

Allowing you to create a predefined list of condition tags by industry or other, use your finger to drag the condition tag to the applicable location on the photo. In addition, specify the severity of the damage right there and then

Cargo Social Sharing tool

Share information, stay connected to your cargo in real-time. Have your network at your fingertips to collaborate, resolve and share visibility instantly, reliably, and quickly