Cargo Social Networking

Cargo Social Networking

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Cargo Social Networking

CargoMessenger is a highly interactive cargo social media communications platform. State of the art, fully integrated widgets create a user centric interface offering one comprehensive single solution for the entire cargo community.

Off-Line Capabilities

Losing a connection while working is frustrating and inconvenient. With CargoMessenger all the application features are available even when faced with poor internet connection.

Data Security

Your data is secured using end to end encryption and industry-standard networking protocols.
CargoMessenger's Secured & Encrypted feeds protect your cargo data all the way to its final destination
available in your appstore

Proof of Condition

CargoFeeds is reliable, fast, and engaging.
CargoFeeds streamlines and simplifies the time-consuming proof of condition process and is the latest evolution of our popular Cargo Snapshot application.

Cargo Social Networking


Create virtual control towers and networks to
manage and deal with complex communication.
Share data, images, and messages with
targeted audiences. CargoMessenger’s
integrated holistic solution is cost effective,
affordable, and accessible to all.


Provide instant and enhanced visibility to every
stakeholder for every shipment around the
globe. Stay connected with your cargo.
Unparalleled Cargo Social networking at your
fingertips features global track and trace through
a single app. CargoMessenger is readily
available on all mobile devices.


Never miss a beat. CargoMessenger offers true
collaboration for the logistics industry.
Import, search and manage contacts easily.
Send and receive updates and real-time
notifications, use ePouch to share documents
and media instantly or send personal messages
anytime and from anywhere.
CargoMessenger fully supports IATA Cargo-IMP
and Cargo-XML messaging.